Children · Fall Mini Sessions · Families · Meadow Farm Museum at Crump Park · Richmond photography

Fall Mini Sessions

This year, I held my first official group of fall mini sessions and it was a blast!! I just can’t believe how well this season went and it has made me so excited for the future of my business!

November is a month for thankfulness and reflection and I am so grateful to all the beautiful families that came out for mini’s and for all my clients this year that have been nothing but encouraging and supportive! You all are amazing! I can’t say thank you enough for investing in my little business and entrusting me to take your photos! Your positive feedback and encouragement have been so empowering! Thank you!

Here’s some of my favorites from this fall, I know it’s a lot but it was SO hard to choose! kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0014kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0011kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0016kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0006kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0013kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0020kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0009kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0008kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0023kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0022kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0017kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0002kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0004kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0005kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0007kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0012kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0015kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0010kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0003kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0021kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0018kate-driskell-photography-fall-mini-sessions_0019




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