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Our First House!!

If anyone had told us that within less than 2 years of marriage, we would have bought our first house – we would never have believed you.

We certainly have been wanting to buy. Renting never really appealed to us but it has been necessary over the past few years as we transitioned from college students, to post graduates entering the “real world” to newly weds. But, we definitely never thought we would be ready to buy as quickly as we did. And if you ask me, the story of how we came to buy our first house really shows that in spite of what our own plans were, it was just meant to be!

For the past year, we have been renting a townhouse apartment.  Our lease is due to end in mid-May so around January or February, we needed to decide whether we should renew, rent from somewhere else or buy. After some research, we found out we really didn’t have to have quite as much money as we thought we did to buy and decided to start looking.

We connected with a realtor and the search was on – the trick was, we had very little time to find something or else we would be renting for another year. Ideally, we wanted to find something within 2-3 weeks max.  That’s a pretty tall order and with spring approaching, the market in Richmond was becoming more and more competitive!  We were very anxious.

We saw our first few houses on a Tuesday after spending that weekend searching through the listings and boy were we disappointed. Every house we saw was a lot worse in person than the images online showed and needed at least some fairly major repairs. We continued looking through that week until we found something promising. The house we found was brand new, in our price range and in an ideal location between our jobs.

Shortly after seeing it on Friday, we decided to meet up again the next day with Hagan’s family to get their opinion.  We were pretty sure this was the one but we wanted Hagan’s Mom to see it because she knows so much about houses and we really value her opinion. There were a few things about the house that we were a little hesitant about and discussing them with her would help us make our decision.

So after seeing it, we went to dinner to discuss it and that’s when things got interesting. Long story short, when we first started looking we had a budget in mind based on a pre-approval for a higher interest rate. Through our wonderful realtor, we were able to work with a different lender that dropped down our interest rate by over a percent! Once Hagan’s Mom saw the house, she gently encouraged us to consider any other properties in the area for a little more money.

That evening, while sitting in Texas Roadhouse 🙂 , we quickly notified both our realtor and lender we wanted to increase our budget and started looking again. At this point I just want to point out how AMAZING these folks were because timing was so critical when it came to us finding this house. Our realtor immediately started searching and our pre-approval was updated before the next morning. Without that incredible effort on their parts ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, we would never have been able to do what we did next.

In a true twist of fate, at almost the same time as we found it, our realtor sent us an email with the best house we’d seen yet. We HAD TO see it. In spite of having other clients, he thankfully had time to show us Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.

A coworker of mine had said to me, when you find the right house, you just know. Well, we pulled up to that house and I knew. And the more we looked at it, the more positive I was. We had to have it.

At first, we discussed meeting later that day to put an offer in. But instead, once again, our realtor’s willingness to go above and beyond for us allowed us to be the first of 3 offers put on the house that day! And even more proof that this was the home for us, the seller’s decided to go with us not only because we were the first offer, but because we were a young family and this was their first home as well!

That night, just FIVE DAYS after seeing the first house, we accepted the seller’s counter offer and the house was ours!

We closed April 22nd and have since completely moved into a beautiful 4 bedroom house that we couldn’t be happier with.  It has everything we wanted including a good location, fenced in backyard for Bailey, hardwood floors, great kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom and so much more we didn’t even know we wanted! We could not be happier, or prouder of our new home!

Special thank you to our realtor Luke and our wonderful families for helping us through this process and our move! We feel truly blessed.


Thank you to Geoff Driskell for the mini photo session 🙂








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