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Baby Jillian 9 Month Photos

The last time I saw Baby Jillian was for her newborn photos and boy has she grown since then!  She’s nine months old now and cute as a button! It was so great working with her parents, Rebecca and James again and you can just tell how much they love their little girl.

As you’ll see, Jillian is just the sweetest little thing! She’s got chubby little cheeks and her Mom’s red hair and blue eyes! Rebecca picked out several adorable outfits for her and even though she wasn’t a huge fan of having her clothes changed, she didn’t stay upset long at all.  She was full of smiles for her whole session and really is a very happy baby.

Rebecca had several props for the session, including a little rocking chair that belonged to James’ godmother! She loved taste testing all the props and her toys as she’s at the age where everything goes in her mouth. 🙂 She loves to touch and explore all her surroundings and shooting her was a breeze because she has so many expressions and was always ready to give her Mom and Dad a big smile.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with this sweet little family again and hope for many more! It’s always the best to see clients again and help them capture priceless images of their kids as they grow!


I just LOVE this one, she’s like – who’s this weird lady?


She loved the flowers!





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