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Lindsay, Jason and a New House!

Great News!!! My sweet friend Lindsay and her husband Jason just bought a house!! And – what better way to decorate those new walls than with some new family photos!?

I have known Lindsay for, oh God, almost 5 years now! We met while working my first job out of college and the two of us have spent most of our time together since then laughing uncontrollably until we cry. We literally have more inside jokes than I thought was humanly possible, have walked down the aisle for each other’s weddings and share a deep love for wine, scary movies and Home Goods.

But my favorite thing about Lindsay is that she has the biggest heart. She loves animals and her compassion and devotion to each one she meets is not only good for some laughs but also inspiring.  She cares so much for her husband Jason and all their pets – two kitties, Pesci and Vinny, and her PUGGLE, Tommy. They all make such a cute little family and I always enjoy spending time with them – so much so, that I visited TWICE last month (they live in Northern VA).

Anyway, thanks again Lindsay and Jason for putting up with me on the regular! I hope you both enjoy your images and your beautiful new house!  Congratulations!

Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0120Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0116Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0119Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0125Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0118Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0124Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0117Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0126Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0123Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0121Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0127

Kate_Driskell_Photography_Lindsay and Jason_0122
awww 🙂 Favorite!



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