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Winter Running Wardrobe: 5 Recommendations to Keep from Freezing Your Tush Off

winterrunningwardrobecopyWhen I decided to train for my first half marathon, the biggest thing I was dreading about the race we had selected was that it was in May and that meant I would have to train through the winter. By nature – I am always cold (which I HATE) and I avoid the outdoors as much as possible during the winter for that reason. The notion of having to spend several hours outside per week training was a tough pill to swallow. However, in the past few weeks I have found that it if you dress appropriately, it really isn’t THAT bad. Is it ideal or always comfortable? No, but I have come to rely on and even love a few items in my workout wardrobe that have made it easier to training in spite of the cold.

Under Armor ColdGear 3.0 Baselayer Shirt.

I used to really be dissatisfied with Under Armor ColdGear. Yeah, it was an extra layer but it wasn’t warm or cozy and given my sensitivity to the cold – it just didn’t really help enough. But last year, my husband bought me the ColdGear 3.0 Baselayer shirt and it was quite a game changer. This is now my go-to when it’s REALLY cold (like around or below freezing) and it has a “fuzzy” inside so I get that soft and cozy feel I was missing in other cold gear. Best part – it has THUMB HOLES… which just makes you look like, super cool and like you really know what you’re doing. It’s also snug so it can go under additional garments and surprisingly long so you can pull it down over some of your bum to keep that warm too (always a plus)! 😉

The bad news: it’s PRICEY – aka $75 at Dick’s. Ouch. BUT – worth the money if you are serious about winter running! Check it out HERE.

Eddie Bauer Crossover Fleece Leggings

I ALWAYS run in compression pants of some sort when I run. Always. I have cropped ones for summer/fall but when the temperature drops, those just aren’t warm enough! This Christmas, my in-laws got me Fleece Leggings from Eddie Bauer and it is like I died and went to heaven in these things. Like, I need 10 more pairs – STAT. They are warm and SUPER soft! They also aren’t super snug, so I wouldn’t consider them “compression” leggings but they are tight enough that they stay put when you run and also are really comfortable for lounging around the house!

Basically, you can just put these on and never take them off. No, nevermind, don’t do that -but, they do advertise odor control so… maybe you can get away with a few wears before you wash them. Find them HERE.

Ear Warmer Headband

This may seem obvious but covering your ears is HUGE. I wear one when it’s in the 40’s and below simply because the PAIN when your ears get cold – OW. I prefer the headband too because that way I still easily have a ponytail but if you don’t have a ton of hair like I do – a beanie might be better. You lose a lot of heat through your head but just covering your ears makes a world of difference!

Winter Running Gloves

This one might also seem obvious but a pair of gloves are pretty important for cold weather running. It’s hard to focus on running when your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off… There are tons of brands out there to choose from – I use some pretty old Nike running gloves. I wear them whenever it’s below 40, you can always take them off!

Lightweight Windbreaker or Rain Jacket

This actually has several benefits and can be applied to running anytime really – except maybe in the heat of summer. Two reasons to wear a lightweight jacket as an outer layer:

  • First, as protection from the wind and as a additional layer to keep your body heat in. Even in the Under Armor – the breeze from running or gusts of wind will whisk away body heat and sweat + a cold gust of wind really really sucks. A lightweight windbreaker keeps the wind out and the body heat in!
  • Second, POCKETS! This may seem like a lame reason – but those gloves I was talking about have to go somewhere if you get too hot! Plus, it’s perfect for your cellphone or keys.  A raincoat pocket will also protect your phone if it’s sprinkling outside!

So, hopefully there were some helpful tips here! Now get out there and pound that icy pavement – carefully! (I am SO looking forward to spring……)

Until next time!



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