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Take the Camera Tuesdays – Or Not…

Alrighty… so last weekend was my birthday – my parents came to town and we had a really nice day with both families. We went for a walk in Carytown and ate at Maggianos.  I ran five miles again on Sunday and the Superbowl happened (Yay Peyton)! But what DIDN’T really happen was “take the camera.”  I mean… I took the camera.  I really did – to Carytown. But I didn’t really get any images worth sharing. And I didn’t have time for any other shooting Sunday.

So, Monday night came around and I uploaded what little I had – and I was pretty disappointed in not only the images, but myself.  I took the camera, like I promised, and I had nothing to show for it. What happens if I miss a “Take the Camera Tuesday”?

Well – that lead to this:


There was really only one image that I liked from this weekend… and even though I was disappointed, I decided that this was a good opportunity to have some grace with myself. It was my birthday and the Superbowl after all!  And in spite of both those two exceptional things – I managed to take my camera out with me and shoot something. Am I planning on entering any contests with the images? No. Does that make it a failure? No. No. And no.

I think sometimes we hold ourselves to standards so high that they leave very little room for anything less than perfection.

Well, I’m here to say that in my humble opinion – it’s ok to fall short sometimes. It’s ok to miss a workout (I did that too this week), it’s ok to eat out a few more times than you planned (and that) and it’s ok to go over the budget some months (yup, did that too). It happens. Imperfection happens. Forgive yourself and make the next time better.

See ya next Tuesday 😉




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