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Snowy Children’s Portraits – Ashland VA

Hope you all enjoyed Tuesday’s post featuring Baby Jonas! As I mentioned in that post – Jonas has four big brothers and sisters!! So, for the second half of their session -the family wanted to use some time to get shots of all the kids together!

It’s been pretty warm here since our big snow storm and much of the snow has melted away – except for in Ashland apparently! I was so excited to see the family’s entire backyard was still completely snow covered and with the trees and clean white light – it was just a gorgeous place for portraits! We also did some cute little front porch images with the red brick in the background that their Mom, Emily, had mentioned she wanted.

All the kids did so well for their session and they were champs in spite of how bright and sunny it was outside! Their Dad, Markus, was so helpful while we were out there and held up a towel to block the sun from the kids’ faces! I swear, it was like they had done this before!! Not only that but their Emily dressed them in the cutest outfits!  All the girls had headbands with flowers and pretty pink accents while the boys complimented them perfectly in shades of blue!

One of the best things about meeting a group of siblings is seeing what makes each of them unique! Mark is the eldest and he is every bit the big brother! It was so sweet seeing him hold and watch his little brother while we took his pictures in case he lost his balance! The second eldest is Amelia!  She was definitely looked up to by her two younger sisters – I often caught them looking to her to see what to sit like and when to smile.

And speaking of the younger sisters – Adeline is the middle child.  She was pretty quiet and shy during our session but as soon as I turned the lens towards her she burst into a huge smile! She even went out into the woods a little ways to get her picture taken on a fallen tree! And finally, Audrey – the youngest of the girls is just cute as a button! She wore the cutest little skirt and sparkly shoes and has the sweetest little smile!

All in all it was a great first session and I was so impressed by how relaxed it was! Hoping for many more sessions with this family of seven!






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