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First Birthday Portraits: Jonas

Baby Jonas is celebrating his very first birthday! This past weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this sweet little birthday boy! Jonas and his family are brand new clients and I had a great time working with them to capture such a special event! They elected for an at home session and they had the perfect little front room with great, soft light and beautiful hardwood floors!

As you will soon see, Little Jonas has the biggest blue eyes that are just gonna melt your heart! Since I don’t have kids of my own, I definitely forget how little babies can be!  His tiny hands and feet were just so stinkin’ cute!  I brought a few props with me and as you’ll see soon, one such “number one” prop was just as big as Jonas!

Speaking of props – the family had the cutest little chair for Jonas’ pictures that had been passed down through their family! It was the perfect personal family touch to their images!

Jonas has four older brothers and sisters, all of which were excited and eager to help with his portraits! All the kids did such a great job helping get Jonas’ attention and they were all excited for their portraits (coming on Thursday!!) afterwards!

It was also really great working with Jonas’ parents, Markus and Emily.  They were full of thoughtful posing ideas for Jonas and so helpful throughout the session! Mom stood close by to be sure Jonas didn’t lose his balance and Dad did a great job bringing a BIG smile to Jonas’ face!

So, I want to wish little Jonas a very Happy First Birthday – check back on Thursday for more images of all the kids!


See what I mean about those big blue eyes!?


This is probably my favorite 🙂


How cute is this little chair!?




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