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The Road to a Half Marathon


I’ve been having an internal debate about whether or not to start writing about this… and it’s going something like this: Would anyone read about someone training to run a half marathon? Is me running one really that interesting or impressive? I mean seriously… people run full marathons! People run triathlons! People run ultramarathons!!! Now THAT is impressive. Right?!

The answer is yes, yes all of those are very impressive. But what is the value in impressing people? How does that help my readers? Isn’t that only serving me – to only write something if I think it’ll impress someone? Isn’t that a little selfish?

So, that has lead me to this: maybe instead of NOT writing about this because I assume no one cares about or is impressed by a half marathon – maybe I should think of this as a means to connect with you all by sharing a very personal struggle. And since I’m being completely honest – 13.1 miles is going to be HARD for me. It’s going to take time and a level of self discipline that I have never had to have before. And the results, I’m sure, will be far from impressive – but that’s ok because that’s not why I’m sharing this!

NOW, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy running! A nice little 5k here and there with some weekend jogs while it’s nice out is great! But this isn’t going to be that. This is going to be WORK. The farthest I have ever run in my ENTIRE LIFE is 10k. That’s six miles. Six. And now I need to more than double that?! Oh boy. But I want to do this because I’m trying to take a hobby to the next level! Is anyone sensing a pattern here? Taking hobbies to the next level? No?

Anyway – Quick disclaimer! In case it wasn’t infinitely obvious; I am NOT a fitness expert. I’m not a fitness enthusiast. I’m not even sure I like the word fitness. I probably eat too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right ones and my driver’s license isn’t entirely accurate where it says “weight.” Trust me – I’m not what I would consider a “runner.” I’m slow and I have tripped and fallen more times than I want to admit! (A particular incident on Monument Avenue during rush hour comes to mind… 😫) But I want to do something that leaves me impressed with ME. And I want to do something that might motivate YOU.

So, I want to ask you to join me on a journey, because friends – I need support! It won’t be the furthest anyone’s ever run or the fastest. It’s just me trying to do something I’ve never done. How many people can relate to that? I would say pretty much everyone. And if you can’t – maybe you can walk with me through this and decide to try for yourself?

Lastly here’s the details: we’re all signed up for the Marine Corp Half Marathon on May 15th, 2016. I say WE because I can’t neglect my running buddy: my brother-in-law Geoffrey. It’s his first half too; no backing out now bud – it’s on the blog! 😉

We’ve got just over 15 weeks to go and my training has started at 3 miles! Since this is a photography blog, I asked Hagan to take a picture of me after my first workout!

Yeah so that’s how that went… Bailey was concerned.

I’ve obviously got a long way to go but I hope you all will keep checking back to make sure I haven’t quit yet! 😉



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