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2016 Blizzard – Richmond VA


I’m sure everyone has figured out by now that Richmond got a TON of snow this past weekend (a ton for us at least).  I mean, it snowed for like 30 hours! And of course, this provided ENDLESS material for this week’s Take the Camera Tuesday!

I know it’s a little similar to last week but we stayed around the house this time and had significantly more snow! I actually went out the day after the storm and didn’t get many images but I persevered and went out again on Monday and I’m so glad I did!  I got some more images and some good practice in full sun AND harsh lighting because it was sooooo bright out! Do I sense another blog post coming on? πŸ™‚

While you scroll through, I feel like there are a few things that become REALLY obvious from this post:

  1. We REALLY love our puggle, Bailey.  I mean, she’s just so cute! GAH, I’m not even ashamed! I’m also going to keep telling myself that none of you are getting tired of seeing pictures of her. πŸ˜‰
  2. Bailey loves the snow (snowballs in particular).
  3. Hagan is getting pretty good with the Nikon! And that’s great because I can’t take pictures of myself! (I know because I tried and the 50mm just doesn’t do selfies…)

Anyway, I really hope everyone stayed warm and safe during the storm or if you didn’t get any snow that you can live vicariously through these pictures (at least you don’t have a slushy, salty mess to deal with now like we do.)


You can tell Bailey is THRILLED to be on the swing.

Bailey loved this snow pile.

She LOVES snowballs.

I know these are repetitive but I just had too much fun not to share.

THIS FACE!! hahahah


See what I mean about Hagan getting better!?

I MADE THIS!! And it was SO easy! I plan on sharing how sometime soon!

Bailey is pooped! Bye Friends πŸ™‚


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