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A Little Something Personal

So, I’m gonna be really honest. I am a perfectionist. Ask my husband – I am a perpetual household straightener, kitchen counter-clutter gives me anxiety and TYPOS.. oh don’t get me started on typos. I have curly hair that I flat iron 95% of the time (yes, I know, straight-haired ladies are probably rolling their eyes) and the SLIGHTEST crease or wave means all is ruined – queue the ponytail!!! (A post on my hair that I think was hilarious can be found HERE.) Anyway, I think you get my point.

And since I’m just revealing some personal… quirks?… I’m going to go ahead and say this: it was REALLY hard for me to start this photography journey.  There, I said it. To be more specific – it was REALLY hard for me to start a blog and it was even harder to SHARE that blog with human beings!  Here’s my story:

I started blogging in July of 2014.  I had images from my honeymoon, a DSLR and an incredibly encouraging friend, Alex, who nudged me to start sharing my images.  For anyone who really knows me, I am quite shy. I’ve gotten really good at hiding it and pretending to be comfortable chatting away with total strangers but if left alone in a new environment with new people – just nope. I am a homebody, I like my alone time and I REALLY don’t like putting myself out there.  I am terrified what YOU will think. I’m nervous just writing this! But, once I put my images on a platform where other people could see them – I opened a door for a business to enter into my life and start to grow.

That leads back to my first confession about being a perfectionist. 2016 marked the start to my official business website and don’t get me wrong – I love my branding and I am so excited to have my own little place online BUT my perfectionist side has made a nuisance of itself the whole way. And nothing, not my layout to my portfolio, has been spared from my nit-picking brain. But I still published it.

This business has been a huge risk for me.  There’s so much fear that comes with putting yourself out there like this!  And the biggest challenge now is accepting that where I am with photography and my business is far from perfect and that that’s ok.  I will get there.  I will keep learning, I will keep pushing and I will keep blogging until all the dreams I have for Kate Driskell Photography are a reality (wow that sounded… cliche). So here is today’s inspiration:


A few of you know this already but I have been working through a 6 week Consistency Course with Katelyn James and this is where the inspiration for tonight’s post has come from.  The course really has changed, in just a few short weeks, the way I view my photography.  And tonight’s lesson in particular hit home in a way I can’t really put into words.  She will probably never read this but if she did, I would want to just say thank you. Thank you for making a course that meets any photographer right where they are, even a newish one like me, and making me feel like where ever I am with my business is just perfect.



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