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Snowy Richmond Sunday


Deep Run Park

After some unseasonably warm days, Richmond finally got some snow! It didn’t last long but Hagan and I headed over to Deep Run Park with Bailey the puggle to take a walk! Let me tell you – this snow was like… fat, heavy snow.  And, it’s really hard to keep the camera dry and the lens clear while it’s snowing like that. I tried covering it up with a plastic bag but the Nikon still got a little wet and my fingers practically froze. Still, it was a fun little family outing and I’m really enjoying getting the added practice and creating some more artistic images!

Deep Run Park is the closest park to where we live and a favorite running spot of mine! The trails weave through the woods and make for a really tranquil and relaxing place to run. Anyways – hope you all enjoy a little glimpse at the snow we had! Thanks for stopping by!


Is she not just the CUTEST!?


Eating the snow.. awe.



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