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Take the Camera Tuesdays

I have a lot of goals for 2016.  Who doesn’t?  The New Year marks an opportunity to assess where ever you are with your life and see how you can improve it.  My photography was no exception – I wrote all about it in my last mini series post. If I had to narrow down my goals into just two, they would be the following: promote my business more and improve my photography skills. 

After I wrote the post about my goals, I thought – let’s not make this overly complicated, what do I really want this year for my photography? Simple. I want to do better than last year.  I want to shoot better, I want to edit better, I want to reach potential clients better.  So, that’s led me to this post.

How do you improve at something?  It seems pretty obvious – practice. But it really wasn’t until my Husband and I had a talk about this that made it come together for me.  He’d always ask me, whenever we went somewhere (except like the store) are you going to take your camera? Most often my answer was: “no, there’s not much there to take pictures of.” But on this particular day, he told me that that didn’t really matter. What mattered was that I was using my camera and that regardless of the images – I was practicing.  He made a football reference, which he so often does, about his days in high school where he would throw the same pass over and over again. It was more complicated than that – something about routes and hitches and pockets but anyway, the point is soon it became easy.  And after it was easy, he kept on doing it until it became second nature.  At that point he knew that on game day, he could throw that pass without even thinking about it.

In my post about the things I learned this year – I mentioned that photography was hard. But after this conversation it dawned on me: all this will become easier the more I practice.  So what’s been holding me back? Well, that conversation helped me figure it out:

I thought that time spent shooting that didn’t result in bloggable images, was a waste.

I was being so hard on myself!  I was putting so much pressure on myself every time I took out my camera!  I wasn’t realizing the value of just taking pictures without expecting great images. So thank God for ex-quarterback husbands who spent 99% of their sports career just practicing. You rock, honey!

The other thing that I have already realized in just the past few weeks is if I’m not posting things on my blog, no one’s reading it.  Seems obvious enough? Why do businesses spend money on advertising?  Because if they aren’t promoting their product, it’s not going to sell. Every blog post is an opportunity for more views which means more people are reminded of my business.

I’m gonna give an example – and this in no way pertains to me because I DO NOT have a green thumb BUT here we go.  If you want to plant something, say maybe grass on your lawn, you don’t plant one seed, walk away and expect a lawn full of grass! That would never work (I assume). You go out there with your fertilizer and your hay (maybe?) and like, a BAJILLION grass seeds and you spread that stuff all over the place!  And then you water it, and you post a sign “keep off the grass” and you baby it until finally – your lawn becomes the envy of the cul-de-sac. You never would have got there from one seed. To me, this is what blogging is – planting seeds over and over again until hopefully, they turn into a thriving business.

Now, being a newish photographer and an amateur blogger, I needed to come up with a way to put these two new revelations into action. *LIGHT BULB!*

I give you: Take the Camera Tuesdays!

Here’s the plan: every week, I need to take my camera out into the world and shoot.  The who, what, when and where is unimportant – all that matters is me and the Nikon are out and about bonding. THEN! Part number two is that by Tuesday, I need to post at least ONE image from the practice sess. that week! Collectively, I hope this plan will facilitate both practice and consistent blogging! And now that I have shared said plan with all of you, I need to make sure I stick to it or else that would rather embarrassing.

SO – the first post is coming this Tuesday – keep an eye out for it and thanks for reading!



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