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Christmas in Old Towne

This Christmas was so wonderful!  It was full of family, surprises (more on that here!) and a nice little trip to both Hagan and my families’ homes. I didn’t have a chance to take any photos at the Driskells’ house, mostly because we were simply enjoying the time together but also because my gorgeous new camera was still wrapped in a series of at least 5 boxes…(KIMBERLY!!!).

After opening presents at the Driskell house, we headed off to see the Marches! Speaking of which, there is soon to be two sets of Marches in our family: my brother and his girlfriend Katie are ENGAGED!!! Yes in fact, the world just couldn’t be short a Katie March for too long! 🙂

Anyhow, our trip up to NOVA included some celebrating for my newly engaged brother, presents, pies and a nice stroll around Old Town Alexandria where, as you will soon see, my hair turned from smooth and sleek to a frizzy, unruly beast that had to be forced into submission via a bun. Just to clarify, I am quite sensitive about my locks and the slightest bit of wind and humidity results in a monstrosity that rivals the Ewoks on Endor.  I crack myself UP. And yes, I am a huge Star Wars fan. We saw #7 for the SECOND time with my parents on this trip.

Well, here are some shots from the river and Old Town.  The light was pretty dreary that day, so I opted for a series of black and whites for the river.  And, these are the first shots with the NEW CAMERA!!! I am so in love with it and infinitely grateful to my husband and his family for such a thoughtful, generous and supportive gift – you wouldn’t buy someone such a nice camera if you didn’t believe in their success.  Thank you 🙂

Mombean (keep an eye on the hair progression – it started out so promising!)
Daddy March (I HAD to tone down that NEON jacket)




Hubby – and note the storm brewing behind my head… if hair could talk – mine is scoffing at my attempt to reign it in with a ponytail.
Bike outside the cutest little shop!
I have talented parents: Dad’s a photographer and Mom’s an artist!
And the bun tames the beast – mostly.



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