2015 Wrap-Up: Goals for 2016

For the last post of the mini series, I thought I’d say goodbye to 2015 by outlining a few goals I have for 2016.  I’ve hinted at several of these so far in previous posts but to start – my biggest goal for this year has already been achieved thanks to my unbelievably generous husband and his family! As a Christmas and early birthday gift, they all chipped in to buy me a new camera (yes, there’s a video of it and yes, I cried – per usual). I still can’t believe it and I don’t think it is possible to say thanks to them enough.

This has actually been a goal of mine for at least 6 months and I have been crossing my fingers hoping that profits from this year would go to buy an upgraded camera.  You see, given the amount I’ve learned- my D3100 was falling behind in the capabilities I needed and it was only a matter of time before I would be shooting and require it to do something it wasn’t capable of doing. But beyond any of my wildest expectations – the Driskells gave me a platform to propel my skills (and my business) forward and for that, am eternally grateful.

Now, with my biggest goal achieved, I can focus on the others that I hope will result in another successful and educational year!

1. Continue developing my personal style to achieve consistent images.

This goal has already been in the works as my fellow photographer Alex and I are working our way through the Katelyn James Consistency Course! I’ve gotten a little behind over the holidays but I have high hopes that once it is complete, I will have made huge steps towards consistent shooting, editing and ultimately images!  Thank you, Katelyn!

Along with this are goals I have to improve my use of white balance, edit more quickly and efficiently, and develop a style that is my own.  I am just beginning to understand why this is important and I hope over this year to start developing a uniqueness to my images that make them mine.

2. Blog more often and more consistently.

Consistency is clearly the theme for this year and I know that blogging is no exception.  I will be the first to admit – my blogging game is seriously lacking.  I often feel like I either have nothing to say or that no one is reading (except YOU of course, thank you thank you). But isn’t there a saying – fake it till you make it?  And if I don’t keep blabbering on about MY business and be an advocate for it, who else will?

3. Improve posing and composition.

Another moment of honesty – posing is difficult.  So is composition.  A lot of what goes into being good at both things just practice.  But I plan on spending time this year trying to more purposefully pose my clients and not simply click away while they’re in front of me. It may take extra time but it will be a few extra seconds that will make each image better.

4. New clients!

This is pretty obvious but I am so anxious for new families and new opportunities that I couldn’t leave this out.  So – I ask only that you keep me in mind if ever you or someone you know needs a photographer.  And in case you missed it on my website, I am offering 16% off to the first 10 clients of 2016 (yes, it’s cliche but I love it)!  Just reach out to me at kate@katedriskell.com!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the mini series! You can see any posts you missed at the top of the page under Recent Posts.




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