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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Sending love to family and friends, near and far!

Also, I realized I may get judged for blogging today, but let me just tell you that we are a family that excels in multitasking and efficiency!  Family photos and a little time for the photog business.  Killing two birds with one stone!  Momma Driskell’s over here sewing a hole in Hagan’s pants while cooking a turkey.  See? MULTITASKING. Bam.

So today, I’m thankful for caring family members.  Family that will fix your pants on a holiday.  Family that will pose for photos for you, again.  Family that will sit and look through graphics with you for over an hour for your WEBSITE (more on that later!!! it’s gonna be BIG).  Family is precious, and I love mine.  (Thankful also, that the Cowboys are losing.)

But anyway, it’s almost turkey time and who can resist that, I mean really.

Happy Thanksgiving!








The Driskells

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