Why You Should Visit Crabtree Falls

Who doesn’t love fall leaves and crisp air?
To start – my husband’s family loves hiking.  I have heard many a-story of these folks scaling the mountains of New Hampshire while visiting their grandfather.  So, Hagan wanted to find a way to bring everyone together while enjoying the changing leaves of Fall!  Virginia is a beautiful state. Truly.  Beaches, mountains, rivers – you name it, we got it!
So, in his search for a nice hiking spot, Hagan came across Crabtree Falls.  It’s about a two hour drive from Richmond and well worth the drive despite the nonexistent cell service during JMU’s debut on COLLEGE GAMEDAY.  (Amazing in spite of the loss, GO DUKES!!)
We set off and arrived to the base of the Falls at about 12pm.  Parking is SUPER limited, we ending up out on the road.  Be sure to pay your parking fee or Hagan the parking police will be after you!  (Love you)  From there it was a 1.5 mile hike to the top of the Falls and while I wouldn’t say it was an easy trek, it wasn’t overly steep or grueling.  There were many spots to stop and view the Falls at various heights and at the top the view was AMAZING.  You’ll see 🙂





Such a pretty girl!!








AHHHH the colors!!!




Little Family ❤


Photo Cred: Geoff Driskell


So there were these rock stacks along the trail, not sure why but they’re super cool!


Photo Cred: Kimberly Driskell
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