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Emerald Isle 2015

It’s been exactly three years since our last beach trip to Emerald Isle and this year, we got both the families together to go back!  This will be the fourth trip there for the March clan and the first for the Driskell’s as well as their first week-long trip to the East Coast.

We had a great time exploring, relaxing and indulging (esp. me, diet is now in full swing!!) The beach has always been a staple summer trip in the March household.  My brother, Cody, my dad and I have been up to Delaware at Bethany Beach and through the Outer Banks.  This year was a special one though, our first trip with two families and I think we can all say we are looking forward to next year and many more to come.

So here’s some highlights – including a few from the aquarium we visited at Pine Knoll Shores, Cape Lookout and BY FAR one of the best parts of the trip – Shackleford Banks.  This little island is home to 100+ wild horses along with calm waters that are perfect for collecting shells.  Kimberly, Momma Driskell and I all got some beautiful shells (we’re all obsessed with shelling).  Geoff and I had a great time taking pictures of the horses – we felt like photogs for National Geographic or something.

I highly recommend Emerald Isle to anyone!  It’s a very doable 4ish hours from Richmond. Enjoy!


This was Bailey’s first time seeing the ocean and she LOVED it, or at least we are gonna say she did.


Yes, yes, he’s very handsome.









This is Shackleford Banks!  Yep.


The fam with Cape Lookout Light House in the background.


Creatures from the Aquarium!


This is Nimbus, he is an albino sea turtle!  I love this, he’s like OMG HEYYYYY.
Thanks for visiting!

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