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Why I love Packaging

Picture this – it’s Christmas morning.  Admit it – you are SO excited to open all those gifts under the tree with YOUR name on it.  And even more so, you are so excited to see the moment when someone opens a gift from you that you know they are gonna. just. LOVE.  What if that was happening on… June 20th instead?  THAT is what packaging means to me.

Today, I got to see first hand the joy and excitement when a client opens their package with prints, goodies, a thank you card and a custom flash drive with all their images on it from their session.  CHRISTMAS.  Literally.

I think this is always going to be staple in my photography.  Delivering a box containing everything that that session meant to me with a pretty bow on top.  This was really my first go at it, but I loved it and I hope it was personal, exciting and well, just like Christmas.







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