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Alex and Sterling NON-Engaged (aka the most exciting shoot ever)

For the record…


K, now that we got that out of the way…

Alex and I have know each other for (oh God, dare I age us) 8 years, since I first joined Alpha Phi at JMU.  Since then, we lived together a year or so after college in the Fan and bonded over a love of photography.  Alex has been a valued friend and a patient, knowledgable and encouraging fellow photographer every since I got my DSLR.  In fact, I can honestly say that without her encouragement, I may have never bought it.  Her love for photography is contagious and when I saw the joy she got out of it, I knew I had been putting it off for far too long.  And boy, was I right!

Any how, this wonderful couple volunteered to be my models for the evening at Belle Isle and let me tell you, this was literally the most exciting shoot I’ve had thus far!  LONG STORY SHORT – three people got caught in the current in the James and Alex immediately called 9-1-1 and ran to meet the fire department while Sterling shouted reassurances to them from the shore.  (They’re like a super hero team or something.) They were rescued, thank God, and we kept right on shooting! You CAN’T make this stuff up!!

My favorite thing about this non-engagement shoot is that the whole time people kept walking by saying thinks like “congratulations” and “you two look so happy”.  I just can’t IMAGINE what it will be like if (ok, let’s be honest.. when) they do get engaged.  Case and point… PLEASE ignore this horrible example of photography but it’s funny.

I mean these two are like peas and carrots, and EVERYONE feels the love, including the curious passerby.  But, we will all wait with baited breath for the day these two find the perfect time for THEM to get engaged (no pressure intended Sterling, really).  But PS, can I PAALEEEASSEEE take THOSE pictures too??



See what I mean!?





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