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Spring – Free As Air

Spring is finally here!! Such a wonderful time of year.  Just when we thought we couldn’t handle one more freakin’ snow storm… it’s warm again!  Birds are chirping, trees are blooming and most of us have broken out the shorts WAY too early.  But that’s for another post.

A lot of wonderful things have been happening for me in the photography realm recently (more later) and I feel like I have been getting a lot of positive feedback for my photos.  Aka actual human beings are not only LOOKING at my pictures but they LIKE them, they really really LIKE them.  WHAT!? My husband would at this point mention he has ALWAYS said my photos were good (even when they weren’t) and so his title as my biggest fan remains but y’all, people actually VISIT my blog!

Is this real life!?

Needless to say, positivity fuels positivity which means I am motivated to take more pictures!

The family went down to Belle Isle, an RVA staple, and walked around on one of our first wonderful spring weekends of 2015.  I started out pretty much trying to shoot “spring” but Belle Isle ended up speaking to me in a much different way.  The tiny island amidst the rushing waters of the James has plenty of natural beauty but there are also constant reminders of the sprawling city just a mile away.

This shoot developed into a juxtaposition between the beauty of spring and urban decay without me even realizing it until after I starting editing the pictures. Talk about an awesome unplanned surprise!








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