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Punkin Picking 2013 & 2014

Per usual, the Driskells visited the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins to carve.  Last year was one the first times I tried out using a fast prime lens and WHOA, what a difference it made!  The kit lens that came with my Nikon is a pretty limited zoom lens with very little ability to get the shallow depth of field and BOKEH that I obviously love.  At any rate, this post has photos from this year’s and last year’s visits.  And PS, I used manual focus for the first time to get that last shot 😉



This was a little to big for him 🙂



I am obviously obsessed with these wildflowers but who wouldn’t be!?


Our pup’s getting big!!


This was a complete accident and I think it is awesome.
Our punkins!! From the left: Kimberly, mind, Hagan’s (Stay-puft Marshmellow Man?), Geoffrey’s, Derek’s.  I didn’t have my tripod so this was shot balancing the camera on the railing AND I USED MANUAL FOCUS.

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