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Fall is Here! *Belvedere Plantation*

Fall is my favorite season. Period.  Football, boots, crisp air, candles, cozy sweaters, changing leaves.  You name it, if it is fall-related, I want it and I want it right now.  And an on-going fall tradition for the Driskell family is visiting Belvedere Plantation.  So we went a little early this year and the weather was still warm, but it was a blast and we’re all still obsessed.

Per usual, I brought my camera but because we went in the middle of the day and there was not a cloud in sight, it made taking pictures a bit tricky.  Hello heavy contrast and overexposure.  But I managed to pull off a few keepers so here they are…



 Does anyone else find it strange that corn looks like this??



 Finally some better light, so handsome 😉


 Gimme that chevron pumpkin!
Had to sneak this pretty girl in here, she’s getting big!

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