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Welcome for Starters

Hello there!  It’s been over a year since I purchased my first DSLR and after some practice and a class or two, I think it’s time to just put it all out there.  Photography has always been something I have been drawn to but never really invested much of my time into taking it to a level past a point-and-shoot and Instagram. But then one day, I did.  And I know just who to thank for that.  My friend, Alex, is a photographer and it took me seeing how enriching it was to her life and what a creative outlet it was for her (and all of her beautiful photos) to first get insanely jealous and then finally take that first leap into real photography.  So, here we are now –  we got the (sort of) fancy Nikon, a lovely 1.8 50 mm lens (courtesy of the Hubby), Lightroom and I think it’s time to ante up and show some damn pictures!

My husband and I just got married and our honeymoon was to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  It was all white sands, clear aqua waters, fruity rum drinks and love.


Yeah, like I said.










And drum roll for the FAVORITE please…


kbye 🙂


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